Friday, July 8, 2011

Cool things to do

Three years ago, I switched by major and transferred to NMSU, 300 miles from home, because being a journalist seemed like the cool thing to do. Little did I know journalism always makes the top 20 lists of useless jobs and career paths, right up there with art and theater.
After I graduated in the winter of 2010 I was unemployed, which also seemed like the popular thing for kids to do after they graduated.
Unemployed with a seemingly useless degree was my occupation for five months. Rent and bills in the mailbox scared me more than anything. There was a whole lot of sitting in the dark and baking going on in a small conventional oven smaller than my first Easy Bake.
I freelanced for everyone I could: the Las Cruces Sun-News, Navajo Times and — the latter two being Native American-owned and -operated news publications.
I’m Navajo by the way. Not a drop of Irish blood in me — though that’s a different story come St. Patrick’s Day. I’m from a small town on the reservation called Crownpoint, N.M., which is internationally known for is monthly rug auctions and total lack of aesthetics.
But back to my spiel about how I got here.
While freelancing for the Sun-News, I heard about a job opening as an editor’s assistant and I jumped at the chance. They hired me even before I could fill out an application.
Now that I’m here, it seems like the cool thing to do is write a blog. I rolled the thought around in my head and thought about things I was passionate about, a topic on which I had a lot to say, and, that could be interesting, entertaining and edifying.
What’s more awesome than writing about your own people? I embrace my heritage and I try to keep myself in the know about recent issues and happenings.
I’m doing pretty cool things these days. I hope my blog about Native American people and issues turns out to be… well, cool.

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  1. I am so proud of you Andi! Yes we - your parents - hoped and prayed that you would find a job and continue your passion in writing! I know its your calling, even when you were small you wrote little stories and had the cutest imagination. Who would have thought of "Hairy Ears" or the "Bat story".