Monday, October 10, 2011

In The Name of "Discovery"

… I, the president of the United States, sign this day, the second Monday in October, to be Christopher Columbus Day. Let all my ignorant constituents hail the man who did genocide and slavery the right way. He raped and plundered like no other. He and his men carried the most potent diseases. They had good teamwork and ran the sex trade like champs. They raped Native women and children like gladiators and still had the stamina for a good ole’ beheading when the day was done. He was some terrorist. He’s our country’s hero.

I hope school-age kids are reading this.
I didn’t know this when I was in boarding school. I attended Crownpoint Community School where the Native student population was about 99.5 percent — and then onto Crownpoint High School where the Native student population was about 98 percent. As a kid I remember fighting other kids for the “Peach” Crayon in the Crayon box so I can get the right shade of pale for his face. We colored pictures of Columbus and his Spanish ships and proudly displayed them in the hallway with other celebratory Columbus Day stuff.
We never really used the brown Crayon for holiday/historical pictures in school. Historical figures didn’t look like us. Even our Santa and Easter bunnies were white.
It’s like the ultimate betrayal to be taught that Christopher Columbus was a great person. I didn’t learn about the real monster until I was a teenager, probably in my first semester of college. I felt betrayed and angry.
Why do we still celebrate this awful man?
It’s the American way to hide certain facts in history because it would otherwise put a giant bloodstain on the flag — in this case a couple of flags. Why can’t we accept that our past is not as great as we are told? Because so much was unacceptable and unimaginable.
The Taino people go the worst of it because they were living on some gold. They were America’s first slaves who were worked to death for gold, killed for sport, raped, sold, bought as dog food and infected. They were not human because Columbus’s men refused to baptize them or teach them God’s good ways — because if they did, they wouldn’t have the right to rape and murder.

Read the facts here.

How can men do such things in the name of a country and in the name of God? Surely everything that happened in the 1490’s was financed by some church or priest.
I can’t imagine. It’s unacceptable. Let’s hide it and pretend it never happened.
It’s unacceptable to have Columbus recognized for anything he did. It’s unacceptable to teach kids about him because it hurts to know the truth later. It hurts even worst to see these kids grow up and refuse to acknowledge the truth and then come up with patriotically charged arguments to defend him.
This morning the first thing I heard, literally, when I turned on the radio was “it’s Columbus Day!” It immediately made me angry and offended. I felt I had to hop on Facebook and leave a message on the station’s wall. I wrote, “Columbus made Hitler look like a prank caller. He was a master at genocide.” They responded with: “Of course he did. No one cares about the truth.” That last statement is killing this country.
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  1. I did not celebrate Columbus Day today but since I work for the United States Government, it was a holiday for me. I stayed home and felt guilty, when my tribe, the Navajo Tribe doesn't recognize Columbus Day as a holiday and they worked. It is so true that so many people turn away from what Columbus really did to the indian people when he "discovered America". What a shame!

  2. Hey Andi, just read your blog. Just now teaching my NM history class the exploration of the Spanish. In our "New" books, finally got new ones since 1980 something. In our new books, it gives the truth about Columbus and it poses a discussion about how Columbus was viewed as a hero. Students were mad and pissed about how Columbus was seen as a "hero". Now, at least my students here at Crownpoint Mid know the truth about Columbus.