Thursday, October 27, 2011

Scary Season: Mesa Monster

There is a whole different genre of evil on the reservation. Growing up on the Navajo reservation left me with an extreme fear of the dark. Sometimes when I have to get something outside at night I often do it very quick and just when I’m almost back in the house I feel that overwhelming surge of fear that has me hopping and scrambling through the door. I’m not scared of the dark while in the city or in a different town, I’m scared of the dark when I’m on the reservation. There are far scarier things out there than demons, ghosts and goblins — those are tinker toys. I’m talking about skinwalkers, witches and a monster my sister and I call the “mesa monster.”


My aunt, Nat, was home for the Labor Day weekend. I wasn’t there, but news about this spread fast. My mom texted me and my grandma called to say that Nat and my uncle Rob heard something in the mesas.
Now, she’s not one to believe in the supernatural, but after she heard that howl, she could not describe or explain it.
It wasn’t an animal and it wasn’t a man. But the sound was like a low pitched and raspy growl that ended like a grown man yelling, Nat said. She also says she will never forget that sound.

They heard something like this.

It wasn’t just my family that heard it; there were neighbors from all over telling the same story and trying to describe the same sound.
There have been several sightings of a creature like “bigfoot” seen around the reservation. When people tell their stories they always say that the creature has a very bad smell, it’s hairy with long, ugly hair and the dogs bark and behave wildly when it’s near.
See, Crownpoint is like this:
There are mesas all over. The north part of town is raised some feet above the rest and one long stretch brings you down into the middle community. To the west and south are mesas with the east opened up to rolling hills. There are pockets of neighborhoods where there are no hills and mesas. My grandma’s neighborhood is at the edge where the mesas are her back yard.
Somewhere in those mesas is the cemetery and a road flanked by several churches. It’s ironic that I think this part of town is the most creepy. That is where the howl came from.
As word got out about this, the Navajo Times newspaper wrote a story about the eerie noise. Official sources said they didn’t hear anything and are not going to do anything more about it.

Read the story here.

Just recently, in the last two weeks, my mom called and said that a Navajo Police Officer and his wife heard the noise too. I guess there is your official source.
I wish I was there to hear the howl. Then again, I’m such a scardy cat. There is never any or enough evidence for stuff like this, but I guess if you hear rumors coming from your own family you start to believe and become unbearably curious.


  1. The week that Nat and Rob heard that awful sound I had visited with my aunts in Thoreau, a community 25 miles south of Crownpoint. My aunt and sister visiting from Califorrnia at the time said that it is no joke. They told me and my husband Tim to be careful and always pray for protection. My sister said when she comes out here to visit on the reseration, she is always afraid of the dark and feels that someone or something is watching. I have heard the dogs barking late at night and it's scarry to hear them. One night the dogs were so loud, they were actually howeling and it was the scarriest sound I ever heard. Something was making those dogs go crazy like that. I don't even want to go outside at night. I have not heard the sound of the "Mesa Monster" myself but people are always talking about it. Just be careful if you're ever around Crownpoint late at night when the dogs are barking like crazy!

  2. I can't wait to hear more about the Crownpoint Mesa Monster!!!

  3. Andi, I am reading back through your blog and enjoying it after coming here from your Thanksgiving Day article in the Las Cruces Sun. Keep up the good work, I think your stories need to be told, and I love reading them.

  4. I am a college student here at Navajo Technical University and I've heard the howls that you speak off. The howls did come from the Southeast of the university in Crownpoint, NM. The howls have always started around the Time of 12am - 2am at night. It started off as a Man like yell. Then it change into an animal like crying/yelling. but after Navajo cops (Episode 2 - eyes of the howler) did the investigation the howling stop. I'm back in Crownpoint, NM for School, but i haven't heard anymore howls late in the night.